Determinación De Módulos Dinámicos De Mezclas Con Asfalto Espumado

Marcela Patricia Santamaría, Fredy Reyes


The present situation of the problems in the pavements requires the use of some methods that contemplate what in fact it happens to the structure of them. Using rational methods of design for pavements is a powerful tool that considers these aspects. To be able to use them, it is necessary to count on characteristics of the materials as the Dynamic Modules and Laws of fatigue. The present study provides one of these characteristics, Dynamic Modules, for cold mixtures using asphalt in foam form, a technique that even if it was created since 50 years ago it has been applied recently in many countries. Through this study, hot and cold mixtures were analyzed for three different graded aggregates and the conclusion was that the characteristics in resistance are very similar, which implies great benefits using this technique in cold. 

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Facultad de Ingeniería - 2018

Universidad de los Andes | Vigilada Mineducación

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